Climatic test system for decentralised ventilation units,...


With the purge air method, heat recovery for balanced air mass flows can be determined for alternating, decentralised ventilation units. The uncertainties of the direct measuring method used so far due to inhomogeneous velocity and temperature profiles at the outlet of the ventilation units are circumvented by the scavenging air method and the measuring accuracy is higher. With the optional humidity conditioning the moisture recovery can also be determined. Further thermal performance indicators are the air volume flow in alternating operation and the balance, which can also be determined with the test bench. The test stand is equipped with an auxiliary fan so that continuously operating ventilation units can also be measured with the direct measuring method.

Testing equipment
  • air mass flow
  • humidity conditioning
  • purge air method

Product features

Air volume flow purge air: 20…200 m³/h (± 1.0 % EV)
Temperature purge air: 7…21 °C
Humidity purge air: 10…92 % r.h.
Measurement accuracy volume flow: ± 1 % MV

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