Mubea is an international synonym for spring technology of the highest standard. Our disc springs comply with the highest worldwide quality standards. Our products are manufactured in Daaden, Germany - combining extensive know-how, modern quality control and decades of experience. Mubea has specialised in the production of quality disc springs for more than 40 years. Because of their versatility, disc springs are used in a large variety of industrial applications, ranging from safety valve systems placed 3000 m below sea level to satellites in outer space. Additionally, Mubea also excels in the production of related products, such as complex precision stamped parts. Disc springs in compliance with DIN 2093, as well as our own internal standards, are in stock on a permanent bases. Mubea manufactures disc springs with an outside diameter up to 800 mm, as well as internally and externally slotted disc springs, and wave springs. All products are manufactured in-house, beginning with the p

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