This Korean made Closed Expansion Tank acts as a substitute of open expansion tank to prevent the corrosion of pipes. It guarantees smooth operation by completely intercepting the contact of pipe water in cooling, heating and hot water heating pipes with an air and filling proper pressure to receive and restore expansion water. [ FEATURES ] PREVENT PIPE CORROSION Ass contact with air is intercepted completely, air cannot get mixed with water so the span of pipes is prolonged as corrosion is prevented. WATER SUPPLY UNNECCESSARY No make-up water is needed as no pipe water is lost by evaporation or overflow. COMPLETE AIR DISCHARGE FUNCTION The air venting system of pipe is good its pressure is properly maintained. LIMITELESS INSTALLAION APPLICATION As it can be installed in every place including basements, roof tops and mid-stories, it is not frozen to burst and space can be

Water retreatment - equipment and installations
  • pressure tank
  • expansion tank
  • air discharge.