Closure Variations – Woven Bags – Permanent Carrying Bags Customers who would like to better protect their articles in a PP woven shopping bag or to ensure that their products are not exposed to sun, dirt, or rain, can choose between various possibilities. Woven bags with snap buttons offer protection even in the bag opening. Most woven bags have no closure at all. Snap buttons are available in plastic or metal quality and in multiple colours. For woven bags which are square shaped and have a depth of up to 15cm, a snap button in the middle of the top of the folded rim is often adequate. When the bags are to be used as promotional, shopping, or trade fair bags, customers want them to be easy to open and close again. Both the closure you choose as well as the format and measurements of the bag you design will help to achieve this. Functionality for the user comes from a combination of form and function. If you're looking for woven bags to be filled with broschures and give-aways...

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