Clutch-brake units

Clutch-brake units - easy installation without adjustment


Electromagnetic clutches and brakes of Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH are easy to install and integrate into the machinery concept/layout with no setting up or running in. Kendrion offers a combination fitted on a hollow shaft for applications where clutches and brakes work together. The units are based on the successful magneta components. They are fitted on a through shaft. The unit is fixed using simply two screws and is ready for operation then. Electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes from Kenrion (Aerzen) GmbH transmit the drive torque and braking torque frictionally in dry running conditions. If a DC current is applied, the torque is transferred without backlash. Residual torque free ventilation in a de-energised state is ensured by the prestressed annular spring of the armature section. The clutches and brakes are suitable for every mounting position and require almost no maintenance.

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories
  • electromagnetic brake
  • electromagnetic clutch
  • clutch-brake unit

Product features

Torque range 3.6 Nm (Clutch), 4.5 Nm (Brake)
Standard nominal voltage 24 V DC
Design type electromagnetic closing

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