KB RollerTech processes seamless metal belts (stainless steel and nickel). Compared to coated plastic belts, metal belts offer the following advantages: very high thermal conductivity very high physical stability Today, KB RollerTech processes metal belts with the following properties: Properties Nickel belts Stainless steel belts Length < 350 mm < 400 mm Diameter 15 - 50 mm 10 - 100 mm Wall thickness 30 - 500 µm 35 - 100 µm Geometry straight straight and concave Remarks 100 mm diameter only possible with seam Concerning the coatings the following combinations are possible: Nickel belts Stainless steel belts PFA sleeves PFA spray coatings or PFA sleeves Silicone and PFA sleeves Silione and PFA spray coatings or PFA sleeve


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