COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Plaster-based powder coating containing calcium carbonate, resin, cellulose fibre and various additives. The mixed paste is white in colour. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS • DTU 25.41. Standard DIN 1168 • DTU 59.1: painting work • NF EN 13963 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Granulometry: fine • Adhesion: complies with NFT 30 608 • pH: neutral APPLICATION • SEALING PLASTERBOARDS WITH ROUNDED EDGES Apply a first pass by filling the joint deeply, apply a second pass after 1 1/2 hours to smooth and finish the joint. Filling and bonding (if tape) in one pass. And finishing is possible in a single layer. • FILLING, ASSEMBLY, SEALING Dilute with 45% water. 2.2 l to 2.3 l water per 5 kg bag or 11 l to 11.5 l for 25 kg. Open bevelled cracks or rifts. Apply with a putty knife or spatula. Completely fill up the part to be filled, smooth carefully. Time of use: 45 min. Hardening: approx. 1 hour.

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