Coaxial heat exchanger

Heat Exchangers


Tubes wound into a spiral shape Coaxial heat exchangers consist of two or more pipe coils, which are routed into one another and wound up in a spiral shape. The primary medium runs in countercurrent to the secondary medium. Fast temperature exchange This countercurrent design achieves a very rapid temperature transition with high efficiency between the liquids. Due to the spiral shape, the rapid temperature exchange between the liquids is achieved in a very small space. No cleaning or maintenance required Another advantage is the encapsulation of both liquids from environmental influences. There is practically no cleaning or maintenance effort due to pollution from the environment. The coaxial heat exchanger also does not require any seals that require maintenance. Condenser or evaporator function Coaxial heat exchangers can be used for both condenser and evaporator functions.

Heat exchangers
  • Coaxial heat exchanger
  • tube heat exchanger
  • evaporator functions

Product features

Materials Stainless steel or Cu / FE special alloys on request
Models Condenser, evaporator, WT, HR
surface pickled or passivated
Pressure area Max. 50 bar
Dimensions 1/2 "- 3" special sizes on request

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