Coconut Coir Substrate (COCO PEAT)

Organic Growing Media (Potting Soil)


1.The compressed Coir Coco-peat is reconstituted to its full volume by adding distilled water in the required amounts. The moisture should be such that when a gentle squeeze is given, few drops of water ooze out between the fingers. The reconstituted wet sample is then mixed well and left overnight. 2.From the above material 60 ml of the sample is placed in a measuring cylinder. A gentle pressure of 10KPa is applied over this while filling. Alternatively a measuring device with a provision to apply this pressure can also be used to achieve consistency. 3.This sample is emptied into a conical flask to which 90 ml of distilled or de-ionized water is added. The flask is well shaken by placing it on a mechanical shaker rotating at10 rev/min for 15 minutes. Allow it to stand for 30 minutes and filter the extract through a low-mesh filter paper.

Horticulture - import-export
  • poplar growing
  • bag for growing strawberries
  • fertilizer for tree-growers
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