Coconut blossom sugar Organic - Coconut blossom sugar Organic

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"What is Coconut Blossom Sugar? Coconut blossom sugar is a sweetener of natural origin, derived from the nectar of the coconut blossom. Coconut blossom sugar is also called 'coconut sugar'. Organic coconut blossom sugar is produced entirely by hand and provides many families with a steady, regular income. The sweet juice of the coconut blossom is heated over a gentle fire, forming a solid block of sugar. Coconut sugar is an easy alternative to table sugar because it has the same sweetening power. How does coconut blossom sugar taste? The taste is one of the reasons to buy coconut blossom sugar. The sugar has something similar to caramel. That full, creamy taste is especially good to taste when the sugar is melted. Because of its caramel taste, coconut blossom sugar is a welcome treat for almost all types of pastries and pancakes. The sugar can also be used in hot drinks or cocktails. The possibilities of organic coconut blossom sugar are endless.<…"