Coconut paste

Coconut paste

3.27$ HT


Ingredients: topinambur syrup, 100% grinded coconut meat Natural plant product without sugar, preserving agent or stabilizers; sweetened by natural topinambur syrup. It may be consumed by people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Unlike traditional condensed milk, it has thicker creamy structure. Due to the product being natural it may divide into layers; mix before consuming. Storage conditions: at the temperature from 0C to +25C; keep away from direct sunlight. After opening the container keep it in the refrigerator. Nutrition value: proteins: 3.2 g; fats: 19.1 g; carbohydrates: 46.6 g Energy value: 353.7 kcal / 1,480 kJ Shelf life: 6 months

Foods, health
  • low-protein diet food
  • slimming supplement
  • sale of natural products

Product features

Gross weight 486 g
Net weight 270 g

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Manufacturer and supplier of natural products

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