Cognex 3D Displacement Sensors DS1000

Calibrated 3D laser profilers for product inspection


The DS1000 3D sensor optimizes product quality by providing three-dimensional inspection of your products. Industrially designed even for the harshest factory environment, it includes industryleading Cognex vision software with a powerful new 3D toolset. The factory-calibrated DS1000 provides results in real units of measurement with micron-level accuracy, making 3D applications easier to use and quicker to deploy.

Machine vision system
  • Displacement Sensor
  • Laser Profiler
  • 3D-Vision Sensor

Product features

Resolution X (mm) 0.0073–0.0084
Resolution Z (mm) 0,001
Linearity ±0,16% FS
Measurements 3D pattern, cross section, height, gap, angle, volume, OCR
Communications Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, TCP/IP
Controller VC5 Intel i5 processor, Precision I/O Real Time Communication, 207 mm (H) 132.6 mm (W) x 229.5 (L)

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