Cold Saw - VMS 350 PV, VMS 370 PV

Classics in any workshop that requires precise metal cuts
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Simple operation, robust design and precise cuts make the metal-cutting cold saws of the VMS series a reliable partner in the workshop and factory. They are real all-rounders when it comes to cutting solid materials, tubes and profiles. In addition to the automatic saw feed, the VMS 350 PV also offers pneumatic clamping of the material. The heart of the VMS circular saw unit is the worm gear unit with EISELE shock-absorbing feature, produced in-house. It is heavy duty and provides for a smooth, low-vibration running of the saw, which, of course, has a positive impact on the quality of the cutting surface, the blade life and the service life of the saw. A quick change of the saw blade is easily possible thanks to the large safety hood. The hydro-pneumatic saw feed can be adjusted infinitely.

  • Sawing machine tools
  • mitre cut
  • pneumatic
  • squares

Product characteristics

Treated material
for steel
for profiles,for tubes
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74912 Kirchardt - Germany