Collets facilities

Collets facilities - For the purpose of efficient workpiece clamping


Accessory components, ideal for use with CNC dividing heads developed by Detlev Hofmann GmbH. For the purpose of efficient workpiece clamping we have compiled an overview of different clamping systems. In additional to conventional collet attachments and taper type holders, the collection also includes jaw chucks and various pallet chucking systems and zero point clamping systems. “Everything for your dividing head” presents a short overview of base plates, thrust bearings, swinging bridges and tailstocks which in the event of an order can be adapted to your requirements. For special requirements we can offer you dividing heads in stainless steel (completely sealed, IP68 version) which are suitable for use with EDM machines.

Mechanical transmission systems and components
  • Collets facilities
  • clamping systems
  • machine tools

Product features

collets types EX 16, EX 32, EX 40
deadlength collets F30, 162 E, 173 E, 185 E, 386 E
draw-back collets W20, W25, B32, Hainbuch Spanntop etc.

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