Colloidal graphite (fine powder)

Carbon and graphite

1500.00€ HT
price per 1 mt


TPE "Bonustrade" LLC offers to delivery a colloidal graphite powder Colloidal graphite are applied as components to preparation of graphite mixes and technological greasings, production of chemical resistant and anticorrosive coatings, as an additive when tabletting, as a component of antifrictional materials, as a component for conductive ruber, and also for production of contacts and resistors in radio engineering and for other purposes. Colloidal graphites are also explosion-proof and aren't toxic. Preparations represent fine powder of natural graphite. Carbon content – 99.5 % min Ash content – 0.5 % max Moisture content 0.8% max Volatiles content 1.0 % max Grain size 0-30 microns not less than 85% The price – contractual; Terms of payment – 100% an advance payment; Terms of delivery – FCA, Zaporizhia. Using our products will meet your expectations!

Lubricants, graphite
  • Carbon and graphite - electrical components
  • graphite
  • colloidal graphite
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