Coloured Mediprene Compounds


Our coloured Mediprene compounds are made from medical grade raw materials only, thereby representing a natural expansion of our Medical TPE product range. The colour masterbatch supplier has been selected with care, ensuring that not only the pigments and carriers are compliant with USP Class VI or corresponding parts of ISO 10993 but also that the masterbatches are manufactured under rigorous controls with regard to traceability, consistency and change control thereby fitting the Mediprene concept at our ISO 13485 accredited facilities. In medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging colour is often used functionally to differentiate products and provide an easy method of identification. The vibrant colours achievable with coloured Mediprene compounds also give brand owners a means of adding value to their products and creating visual appeal. A fully colour compounded TPE gives a perfectly dispersed, consistent colour with a correct and reproducible addition level. Mediprene colou

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