OPTIMA Combi Stick Maker – perfect production for your Stick-in-Stick packaging The CombiStick is formed from roll material in several process steps on the OPTIMA CombiStick Maker. Various filling processes are possible, depending on the product. The CombiStick opens up a new and flexible world of packaging for you as manufacturer and your consumers. Discover the many advantages of a clever packaging concept for your product and take advantage of new market opportunities. The OPTIMA CombiStick Maker provides the perfect machine solution. Present your product in a fresh and new form of packaging and integrate with the lifestyle of your customers. Properties: - Compact machine design - Very good accessibility - Various dosing technologies available Products: - Tea - Coffee specialties - Spice mixtures - Catering products

Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment

Product features

Output: up to 140 Pieces/min
Dosing range: between 1 g and 3 g
Basic measurements approx. (LxWxH): 2,700 mm x 1,600 mm

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