Combination Pumps


The design of an electric pump section is similar to the design of a standard vertical electric pump with a GNVC series magnetic coupling, which allows for the use of already proven technical solutions: impeller blades with curved surfaces create an angle of attack and partially allow for switching to the laminar mode of wall-adjacent flow on their surface and provide more efficient deflection of liquid to the periphery; a closed type impeller has a higher efficiency and longer service life compared to open and semi-closed impellers; bell-type fit of the impeller on the pump shaft precisely keeps the geometric position of the impeller with respect to the guide vanes; the vertical position of the shaft resting on a heavy-duty carrying cushion in the vertical plane, and sleeve type bearings in the horizontal plane help prevent sagging of the shaft, as for instance, in the horizontal design of the pump, and play and runout; the use of sleeve type bearings

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Product features

Purpose transit of corrosive, toxic, explosive and flammable fluids
Pump rate ranges 0.15 to 50 m3/h
Head ranges up to 3,000 m
Seal type a magnetic coupling according to API 685 with a sealing sleeve made of non-magnetic material
Climatic version for moderate and for moderate and cold climate in accordance with GOST 15150
Operation placement category 1, 2, 3, and 4 according to GOST 15150
Temperature of the pumped fluid -50°С to +420°C
Shaft speed 1,000 to 3,000 rpm
Structural design vertical type with the motors mounted on a flanged connection

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