Compact Crane (A66) - Achieving this would award you the CPCS card with category A66 A or D



A varied range of companies may own one, or several of these types of cranes. They may also be hired-in for a long or short-term period, often on a "self-operated" contract. Compact cranes should only be operated by personnel who are trained & competent to do so. By gaining this qualification, you may increase your employment prospects within such a company and introduce yourself to a new type of work altogether - lifting operations. There are two options of sub-category for the compact crane course: A66 A - Compact crane - Static on outriggers A66 D - Compact crane - Pick and carry 5 Day foundation course (including the CPCS technical test) Suitable for those with little, or no, lifting operations, crane or machine operating experience. 3 Day course (including the CPCS technical test) Suitable for those experienced in operating other types of cranes e.g. mobile cranes, cranes and lifting operations in general.