Compact Rail Plus linear guides feature double row ball bearings for higher load capacities and rigid rails with convex raceways and new robust steel sliders with longitudinal protection and floating wipers, Compact Rail Plus has been designed for the most demanding applications in terms of high load capacities, high dynamics and work environment. All while maintaining the self-aligning capabilities that make this product family unique. Sliders are available in four versions: guiding slider (RV); floating slider (RP); extra-floating slider (RU) and rotating slider (RA). Combining two rails with different sliders makes it possible to create self-aligning systems that can compensate misalignment errors on two planes: axial up to 3.5 mm and radial up ±1.3°.

Internal transport systems
  • Self-aligning system linear guides, roller slides, managing misalignment, compact rail, rollon, linear bearing Uniquely quiet with ground raceways Long life thanks to hardened raceway

Product features

Available rail sizes 18,28,43
Max. operating speed 7 m/s ( 276 in/s) (depending on application)
Max. acceleration 20 m/s2 ( 787 in/s2 ) (depending on application)
Max. radial load capacity 10,800 N ( per slider)
Temperature range -20 °C to +120 °C (-4 °F to +248 °F ) briefly up to max. +150 °C (+302 °F )
Rollers material steel 100Cr6 (also available stainless steel AISI 440)
Roller pins lubricated for life 4,080 mm (160.6 in) on request for sizes 28 and 43.
Roller seal/shield 2RS (splash-proof )
Rail material of rails size 28-43 cold-drawn carbon steel CF53
Rail material of rails size 18 cold-drawn carbon steel 20MnCr5
Optimal reliability in dirty environments Uniquely quiet with ground raceways

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