Compact disposable shower

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A compact disposable shower that detects small spaces in the environment and comes in handy after a physical examination. The sponge contains a hypoallergenic gel that has been tested by Ukrainian dermatologists and is actually safe for babies. The towel made of spunlace material absorbs moisture well and has bactericidal properties. 20-25 ml of water is enough for the set, there is no need to rinse or moisturize the skin. Product removal towel leaving no sticky or soapy residue. Advantages of the field shower: • Environmentally safe components. • No funds required. • designed to be stored in a closed form. • intended for disposal.

  • Detergents and soaps - professional
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  • compact disposable shower
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Product characteristics

Environmentally safe components
intended for disposal

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32-050 Skawina - Poland