With innovative filter technology, combiloop guarantees continuous and perfect cleaning of the cooling lubricants. This offers the opportunity to generate uniquely high pressures (up to 300 bar) for metal-cutting tools. combiloop stands for: // Improved tool life // Higher cutting speeds // Time saving and flexibility // Reduced energy demand// Higher output quality // Reduced heat generation // Increased output // Perfect use of space Clever low-end solution Generation of pressure up to 70 bar Cost-efficient introductory unit Optional service connections to operate up to four tools Field of application: lathes Captions: 1 High-pressure pump 2 High-pressure regulation 3 Removeable filter (wire mesh) 4 Optional electronic control Clever low-end solution combiloop CL1 is our smallest and most cost-efficient solution. All our units are very easy to install and to use. The fact that the CL1 is extremely easy to handle makes it easy to use with different machines. The contaminated medium is sucked directly out of the machine tank and cleaned by means of a filter element made of wire mesh. After the cleaning process, the integrated high-pressure pump provides the tool with the necessary pressure – with a continuously variable setting up to 70 bar.

Product features

Basic equipment 700 x 450 x 950 mm < 70 bar gear pump
Conveying capacity 9 l/min 12 l/min 16 l/min 20 l/min
Filter fineness 40 ym 60 ym
Number of service connections available variable 1-4 possible
Driving power 1.5 KW 2.2 KW 3.0 KW
Filter type exchangeable filter/ wire mesh
Control combiloop standard HY-M417C compatible

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