With innovative filter technology, combiloop guarantees continuous and perfect cleaning of the cooling lubricants. This offers the opportunity to generate uniquely high pressures (up to 300 bar) for metal-cutting tools. combiloop stands for: // Improved tool life // Higher cutting speeds // Time saving and flexibility // Reduced energy demand// Higher output quality // Reduced heat generation // Increased output // Perfect use of space For continuous use of up to 100 bar Mobile, compact high-pressure unit with 3-chamber tank system Significant increase in the fine filter service life thanks to 3-chamber tank system Self-sufficient operation due to integrated electronic control Up to 10 controllable service connections Field of application: turning centres Captions: 1 Modern housing with 80-liter 3-chamber tank system 2 Transfer pump 3 Preseparation chamber 150 μm with access opening 4 Motor and high-pressure pump (gear) 5 Fine filter as twin coupling filter 6 Control valve with display for smooth adjustment of the operating pressure 7 Distribution block with controllable service connections 8 Electronic control For continuous use of up to 100 bar Mobile, compact high-pressure unit with 3-chamber tank system for continuous use of high-pressure at machine tools. Well suited for all materials, even for materials producing fine chips like brass and aluminium. Protected function principle of preseparation of dirt in a 3-chamber tank system.

Product features

Basic equipment // < 100 bar, high-pressure pump as constant pump (gear pump) // 3-chamber tank system with presepar
Conveying capacity 9 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 l/min
Filter fineness 40 ym 60 ym
Number of service connections available up to 10 controllable service connections
Driving power 1.5 KW 2.2 KW 3.0 KW 4.0 KW
Filter type // 150 μm prefilter // Exchangeable filter, mesh, washable // Twin coupling filter, mesh, washable
Control combiloop standard other interfaces on demand

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