With innovative filter technology, combiloop guarantees continuous and perfect cleaning of the cooling lubricants. This offers the opportunity to generate uniquely high pressures (up to 300 bar) for metal-cutting tools. combiloop stands for: // Improved tool life // Higher cutting speeds // Time saving and flexibility // Reduced energy demand// Higher output quality // Reduced heat generation // Increased output // Perfect use of space High pressure + full flow filtration eco+ dynamic power concept Generation of pressure depending on flow rate up to 1,200 bar max. Low heat generation due to the use of a controlled pump High-performance filtration thanks to the automatic reversible flow filter and desludging wire mesh collector Full flow filtration solution supplies the overflow or high-pressure cooling with clean medium Perfect for high degree of contamination and applications with fine chip removal Clean liquid tank from 250 l up to 2,000 l Up to 12 controllable service connections Field of application: turning centres, milling centres Captions: 1 Clean liquid tank 2 Reciprocating pump for filter cycle (not visible) 3 Motor and high-pressure pump in control pump technology 4 Level sensor 5 Self-cleaning automatic filter for full flow 6 Wire mesh collector for filter sludge 7 Settling chamber flushing tank 8 Touch panel for progressive adjustment of the operating pressure and system operation 9 Valve block with controllable service connections (not visible) 10 Immersion cooler 11 Electronic control Do you process materials producing fine chips? Is your production process characterised by a high degree of contamination? Are highest surface quality and machine cleanness your standard? Then combiloop CL4 is a must. As full flow filtration solution it continuously supplies the overflow or high-pressure cooling with clean medium, even in case of high flow rates.

Product features

Basic equipment // Size variable on request, weight depending on the stage of expansion // < 300 bar, pressure-contr
Conveying capacity // Low-pressure system: up to 150 l/min // High-pressure system: up to 100 l/min
Filter fineness depending on demand up to 5 μm possible
Number of service connections available up to 12 controllable service connections
Driving power depending on demand
Filter type // Automatic filter (40 μm), full flow filtration, desludging into wire mesh collector (100 μm) // d
Control combiloop standard or according requirement (M-Function, Bus, etc.)

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