Compact jerrycan, electroconductive - Canister, space-saving, storing highly flammable liquids

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The compact jerrycan, made of electrically conductive HDPE, is especially well suited for use in explosion-proof areas. With a specific surface resistance of <105 ohms, the canister has a very high electrical conductivity. When correctly earthed, it prevents the danger of ignition due to an accumulation of electrostatic charge. The canister thus helps to meet the requirements of the ATEX 137, TRBS2153 and CENELEC 50404 guidelines. The plastic industrial canister is non-rusting and can be disposed of with no problems in the recycling system. It can be used for dispensing and storing combustible and highly flammable liquids of explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC, such as laboratory waste in industrial applications or mining. Due to its narrow width of 6.5 cm or 12.5 cm, the space-saving canister requires very little room, making it suitable for use in very confined spaces.

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