Compact spur gear N 100

Plate gear with high motor output torque and low gear backlash up to 20 Nm


The N 100 spur gear is a plate gear with high motor output torque, a compact design and low gear backlash. It can be supplied with a solid aluminium housing (optional). The output shaft is case hardened and plain-bearing mounted. The drive can be supplied with a wide variety of transmission ratios and combined with AC and DC motors from a variety of manufacturers. Notable features of the N 100 include a compact design, long product life and maintenance-free operation.

Mechanical transmission systems and components
  • drive solutions
  • spur gear
  • compact gearbox

Product features

Nominal torque up to 20 Nm
Dimensions 98 x 68 mm
Protection class IP 40
Options Variety of output shafts and transmission ratios, with limit switches and cam discs
Special features Hardened and plain-bearing mounted output shaft

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