Compaction / granulation Roll Compactor


Roll Compactor The roll compactor plant – the solution for low-dust products With our roller compactor plants powdered components especially low in dust can be condensed into granulate. In this case, several components with divergent properties can be mixed and granulated together. This way our roller compactor plant allows an efficient complete production of granulates from powder mixtures. The plants used at Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik are equipped with pre-and fine granulators, while at the same time fine particles are fed back via post-screening. All granulation plants are continuously adjustable in their pressing force, in addition part of the plants are equipped with pre-compression by means of a vacuum intake. Technical data Granulation performance: 5 - 500 kg/h Product intake by means of: Pre-compressor screw (two-step) and vacuum intake (partial) Product-contacting parts: Stainless steel Feeding from: Big Bag, oktabin, bagged goods, cardboard boxes, drums Platform construction: All plant parts are rustproof, as closed tanks and welded Post-screening by vibration screening machine or long-stroke screening plant, sieve removable Fine particle feedback Continuously by means of suction conveyor and feeding to feed product Areas of application Manufacture of granulates of defined hardness and abrasion resistance by means of infinitely variable contact pressure. Assurance of product homogeneity, avoidance of de-mixing. Production of low-dust granulates for better handling and improved admixing properties. Compression of container volume by means of compacting with the same quantity of active agents. Prospect for download

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