Complex Impeller

High-precision models for lost-wax casting


• Model measurements up to 1.000 x 600 x 500 mm • Same handling as for conventional wax parts • Tool-less and hence more cost-effective process • Single items and small series can be produced within a few days • High degree of accuracy: ±0.4% (min. +/- 100 µm) • Wax infiltration creates closed smooth surface • Suitable for autoclaves, even for thin-walled shells • Can be burnt out in normal kiln with low emission formation • Does not expand during burn-out process, hence no shell cracking (whether gypsum or ceramics) • Residual ash contents <0.02% for polypor binder type C • All alloys can be used with lost-wax casting process

3D printers
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  • industrial prototyping
  • lost wax investment casting

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