Composite PTFE Chemical Hose

14 bar


Application: This anti-static PTFE lined composite hose is designed for suction and discharge use on plant or road/rail tankers with a wide range of aggressive chemicals or foods. The hose construction is exceptionally lightweight and flexible for ease of handling yet remains robust, hardwearing and cost effective. Hose and assembling specification in accordance with BS EN 13765: 2010. Electrically resistant to less than 10 ohms, Working pressure: 14 bar (203 psi), safety factor 4:1. Vacuum 0.90 bar. Hose construction: PTFE lined with polypropylene and polyethylene films and fabrics with red weather-proof and abrasion resistant outer cover wrapped and tensioned between internal and external wire spirals. Internal wire spiral, stainless steel (S), external wire spiral, galvanised carbon steel (G). Other wire combinations available are. A911SS (S = stainless steel internal and external wires) with green marker stripe to denote stainless steel external wire. Branding: Yellow spiral ta

Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic

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