Composite Robot Arm - Carbon fiber robotic arm manufactured with special filament winding technology

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Robotic arms are used to carry such products in the industry. Highstrength carbon fiber offers high load capacity and low deformation at the same time. Filament wound composite robotic arms can carry much more than payloads compared to conventional composite arms such as aluminum and steel. Advantages Low Deformation Outstanding Mechanical Properties High Vibrational Stability Safer and Faster Composite Robot Arm Filament winding with the developed Oriented Fiber Placement (OFP) technology offers a strong solution to manufacture composite robotic arms for the industry. Considering the high quality of carbon fiber, higher stress resistances, fatigue life can be achievable. With the proper design and special filament winding process, dynamic movement becomes stable and creates less vibration. The energy costs for robots can also be reduced because of the lesser weight of the carbon fiber. Many production industries can save substantial money by using the composite robotic arm.

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