Scaled prices Technical Data Download datasheet CAD data Path-force calculation Scaled prices (Price group: A) Quantity Single price [EUR] 1 2.5200 EUR 7 1.5000 EUR 17 0.6200 EUR 37 0.3300 EUR 75 0.1700 EUR 125 0.1330 EUR 175 0.1052 EUR 250 0.0831 EUR 350 0.0609 EUR 450 0.0553 EUR Technical Data Formula symbols Value Unit Description Mat EN 10270-1 - type of material s2 mm Loaded spring deflection L2 mm Loaded spring length F2 N Loaded spring force Fdn Closed - spring ends d 0.2 mm Wire diameter D 2.5 mm Mean coil diameter Dd 2 mm maximum diameter of mandrel De 2.7 mm Outer coil diameter Detol 0.15 mm (+/-) tolerances of outer coil diameter Dh 3.1 mm minimum diameter of bush F1tol N (+/-) tolerance of prestressed spring force F2tol N (+/-) tolerance of loaded spring force Fn 1.144 N maximum force in static use Fntol 0.12 N (+/-) tolerance of maximum force in static use Lk mm buckling length L0 8.2 mm unstressed spring length L0tol 0.53 mm (+/-) tolerance of unstressed spring length L1 mm Prestressed spring length Ln 2.17 mm Minimum length in static use s1 mm Prestressed spring deflection sn 6.03 mm Maximum spring deflection in static use S 1.4 mm pitch of spring n 5.5 pc. number of active coils nt pc. total number of coils R 0.19 N/mm Spring rate Fndyn 1.11 N maximum force in dynamic use Fndtol 0.12 N (+/-) tolerance of maximum dynamic force Lndyn 2.35 mm Minimum length in dynamic use shdyn 1.92 mm Maximum stroke in dynamic use Gew 0.0146 g weight of one spring PG A - price group


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