Concentrate - Wc


The biodegradable ingredients and natural vegetable acids included in the product effectively clean toilets and tiles from lime scale, rust stains and salt deposits. The product provides aroma of the sea freshness, eliminates unpleasant odors, and kills germs. A small amount of the product, applied regularly, will make your toilet clean, without harming plumbing and sewerage. The gellike structure provides an economical flow rate. Do not hold on chrome parts for more than 20 seconds. How to use cut off the neck of one capsule with scissors and mix its contents with 450 ml of warm water, insert the dispenser into the neck of the bottle, screw the lid and mix. Apply the finished product to the surface to be cleaned, leave for 12 minutes.

Cleaning and maintenance products, household
  • Concentrate Wc
  • Biodegradable Deposits
  • Plumbing Concentrate

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