Concentration H2SO4 / H3PO4

Vacuum Evaporator / Aluminium production


Aluminium production - brilliant rinse water concentration unit Low energy consumption Special materials / corrosive resistant High concentration rate and good distillate quality Evaporator plants are employed for the concentration of solutions and for the extraction of distillate. Various systems are applied according to the requirements: - Falling film vacuum evaporators - FFVE - Natural circulation vacuum evaporators - NCVE - Forced circulation vacuum evaporator - FCVE - Crystallizer by evaporation - EVCRIS - Crystallizer by cooling- COOLCRIS - Thin film evaporators/ dryers - TFE / TFD - Rectification - RK (+ Absorption / Scrubber - ABSC + Adsorption - ADSRP) - Liquid liquid extraction - LLE (+ Mixer Settlers - MS +Liquid phase decantation - LPHD + Reactors - RECLM)

Water retreatment - equipment and installations
  • machines and equipment for chemical distillation
  • concentration, evaporation and crystallization machines and equipment
  • evaporation of waters

Product features

Low Energie consumption 0,17 kWh/l distillate
Corrosive resistant Materials Rubber, High grade Stainless steel ...

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