The conductive stacking box "Ortis 145 1 cond" by Walther Faltsysteme GmbH is a plastic container which has external dimensions of 300 x 200 x 145 mm and internal dimensions of 255 x 157 x 133 mm. With four handles and a weight of less than 0.45 kg, a practical plastic stacking container with 6 litres of useful volume. This model is made of "PP-conductive" and the product has a black color.

Thermos packaging
  • plastic box
  • pallet box
  • stacking box

Product features

External dimensions (approx.) 300 x 200 x 145 mm
Internal dimensions (approx.) 255 x 157 x 133 mm
Weight (approx.) 0.6 kg
Usable volume (approx.) 6 l
Colour grey
Material PP conductive
Load capacity 25 kg

Additional product literature

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