Conductivity additives: GraphTHERM® and GraphCOND®


GraphTHERM® - graphite optimised for heat conductivity. GraphTHERM® developed by Georg H. Luh GmbH especially for improved heat conductivity enable a thermal conductivity of 20 W/mK or more thanks to their special form. The mechanical properties or processability are not impaired even at a high filling degree of more than 60%. This combination of characteristics makes GraphTHERM® especially well suited for plastics applications. GraphCOND® - graphite optimised for electrical conductivity Special pre-treatment and grinding results in graphite particles that enable an effective electrically conductive network to be created even at a low material proportion. A conductivity of >100 S/cm is possible in plastic. GraphCOND® features convincing properties and is versatile in application, for example in dissipative coatings or highly conductive compounds.

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