Highlights for SMD tapes wider than 8mm high tear strength and very good adhesion of the polyester foil Description This single sided adhesive tape strip enables precise joining of the cover tape of an 8mm SMD component tape end with the start of another. The indexing holes of the SMD tape remains clear – no machine stoppages! There are locating holes in the paper backing, which can assist in the alignment of the connector with the SMD tape in a splicing tool. As the paper cover is split, there is an opportunity to reveal only half of the adhesive surface at first, while using the other half as handy grip area without contamination the adhesive surface. SMD Tape Connectors are supplied in rolls of 1000 so that they are neatly available at the splicing station. A Splice Tool is usually used to connect the bodies of the component tapes with a Brass Shim Conclusion A reliable SMD Cover Tape Connector that minimises machine stoppages and guaranties secure splicing of two SMD...

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