The cold rolling cassettes Mod CRC are utilized for executing the rolling and profiling operations on the wire, for production of smooth and ribbed wire. Strongly-built and innovative in their design, they permit to reduce the time needed for installing the rolls. These cassettes do not require an axial regulation of every single roll because the very close tolerances of every single components of the cassettes guarantee the auto-alignment. By having one set of cassettes in operation and a second set off-line, being prepared with the rolls for the next application, the downtimes are reduced. When a production change is needed, the operator just removes the first set of cassettes from the cold rolling line, replaces them with the second set and start immediately to work. Unlocking the roll-holders nut is not an easy thing to do. The unlocking device Mod. DSR is very useful and practical and is of great help to the operator.


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