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Transport Consulting for the Movement of Abnormal Loads


Our Consulting Team has a proven track record in providing specialist reports to facilitate safe and professional transport. Our team of highly trained, experienced professionals can analyse the impact of abnormal loads on the surrounding environment identifying any amendments which may be required for safe passage. Possessing detailed knowledge of our specialist tractors, trailers and SPMTs, we apply the practical transport considerations of abnormal load vehicles. Our team understands the behaviour of abnormal load vehicles and has extensive knowledge of transport regulations, environmental considerations and planning requirements. For Heavy Transport projects we routinely undertake Route Access Surveys, Swept Path Analysis, Topographical Surveys, Traffic Management Plans, Visual Route Inspections, Test Drives and Environmental Impact Assessments. The provision of these specialist reports allows us to identify the ideal route for your cargo.

Transport - heavy loads
  • Transport of heavy and bulky goods
  • Transport - heavy loads
  • topographic survey

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