Being of compact size and featuring double-break contacts that are covered for the most part, the C195 Series contactors provide high-performance current breaking. Their high contact force improves electrical performance and reliability even under harsh ambient conditions. C195 versions with permanent-magnetic blowout are available for DC operation and without blowout magnets for AC operation respectively. There is also the option of a SPDT version of the C195 which has an added galvanically isolated NC contact. Note: The added NC contact has a reduced current rating (I th) as compared to the contactor‘s NO contact. The coils of the contactors come fitted as standard with varistors or TransZorb diodes for limiting overvoltages. Features: - Versions for battery voltages 200 V and high voltages 1,000 V - Suitable for years of continuous duty - Double-break contacts - Versions for AC and DC operation - DC versions with magnetic blowout

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Type of voltage DC, AC
Contact configuration 1 x NO / 1 x SPDT
Nominal voltage 200 V / 1,000 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui 1,200 V / 600 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8 kV / 6 kV
Conv. thermal current Ith 250 A
Making capacity, resistive T = 0 ms 1,800 A / 1,500 A

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