Our continuous cellular wheel weighers are designed for measuring and recording mealy, powdery, fibrous and structured products. The AMANDUS KAHL continuous cellular wheel weighers offer precise measurement of bulk materials with a wide range of surfaces. Our load cells continuously measure the weight of the filled cellular wheel and thus an instantaneous weight of the varying product flow. Mealy, powdery, fibrous or structured products can be measured and/or weighed with an accuracy of ± 2%. We manufacture three different types. Depending on the product and type series, the throughput capacity of the KAHL continuous cellular wheel weighers is between 10 and 100 t/h or 20 and 300 m³/h. Proportioning is carried out using proportioning units of the types Simplex (200, 250 and 315) or Duplex (150, 200, 315 and 400). For protection against contamination and the resulting falsification of the measuring signal, the cells are cleaned regularly and at a freely selectable rhythm with...

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