The continuous non-contact Area-Weight Scale CONTI-SCALE X MULTIENERGY determines the panel weight and its distribution during production by measuring the area-weight and by taking the known panel dimensions into account. CONTI-SCALE X MULTIENERGY uses X-ray technology. Two X-ray tubes are located on a horizontal frame above the panel. The low energy X-ray beams are focused across the production width, but scan the full width of the panel. Metal plates on each side of the system prevent someone reaching inside the radiation area. There is no risk to human body parts which might stay beside/outside the system. The X-ray energy will be absorbed. Several detectors are lined up along the lower beam under the panel to measure (per track) the absorbed X-ray energy. This is how the area-weight is measured.

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Conti-Scale Contiroll
  • Siempelkamp Panel Scale
  • Contiroll Wood
  • Continuous Contiroll


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