EBS-6800P is an industrial one head INK-JET printed engineered for tagging pieces that move on a factory conveyor with no direct communication. System for tagging immobile pieces can also be accessed which are based on mobile print-head technique wherein the print heads can be regulated mechanically or physically. The pigment inks used in our printers allow print on a variety of dark substrates. Other inks allow high contrast and good coverage prints of any surfaces, also work well on multi-colored substrates. With our know-how you will find the right Ink for every application. The EBS BOLTMARK II series is fitted with an integrated ink system, which can be changed in 3 simple steps in less than a minute. No technician and no tools needed. Equally, the quick change of ink and solvent bottles works in the same way. Protection class IP44 and IP54: Protection of the housing against intrusion of water and coarse dust guarantees high reliability of the printer over a long period.

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Technique continuous inkjet

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