The new generation of BOLTMARK ® II printers has increased in terms of performance, functionality and reliability. Our engineers have created a product that will not let you down, even under the toughest conditions, and will also work highly efficiently. ACPS - Anti Clogging Power Supply: Worldwide innovation: for the first time in a Continuous Ink Jet Printer, a built-in automatic and intelligent system provides reliable printer operation in case of power failure. Should the power be interrupted for less than 30 seconds, the printer continues operating. If the supply is cut off for more than 30 seconds, the printer starts the automatic shutdown procedure including rinsing, to protect the tubes from dried ink deposits. As soon as the power is restored the printer is quickly operational again. The ACPS contains very long-lasting Super Charger Capacitors, not conventional accumulators. Charging lasts only around 2 minutes. The ACPS is available optionally only for EBS-6600 and EBS-6900.

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Technique continuous inkjet
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