Hanger-type blast machines are among the most flexible types of blasting equipment. They are used to remove rust, scale, sand and burrs from many kinds of work pieces. Hanger-type machines are also used for the finish blasting of sensitive work pieces or to roughen work piece surfaces for subsequent coating. As a rule, hanger-type blast machines are offered either for batch or continuous processing. However, there are many intermediate designs that are oriented towards different kinds of overhead conveyor systems. In many cases, different processes such as blasting, painting and subsequent drying can be interconnected via the overhead conveyor system. This makes it possible to tap an enormous potential for streamlining the process workflow. Additional processing variants are created by using different kinds of work piece holders to assist in the process of feeding work pieces to the blasting machine.

Sandblasting equipment
  • Hanger-type blast machine
  • Overhead Rail Shot Blast Machines
  • Blast machines

Product features

Max. hook load (kg) 400 - 800
Work piece diameter (mm) 1100 - 2100
Turbine output (kW) 2x11 - 3x15

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AGTOS continuous hanger-type blast machine

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