Using a ContiTherm preheater upstream of the ContiRoll® press increases the production output of a wood-processing plant signicantly. It is an additional component integrated into the forming line and serves to preheat the mat before it is transferred to the ContiRoll® infeed to just below the temperature at which the glue starts to cure. A steam-air mix is conveyed through the mat. During this process, the steam condenses at the bres or particles, heating them up. The preheating temperature can be set most accurately by varying the steam content of the mix. The machine is separate into two to four sections (seen in working direction). Depending on the application these sections are designed for a unidirectional or a bidrectional steam injection or equipped with hot platens heated by thermal oil. The width of the steam boxes in an MDF-plant can be extended by additional segments to optimise steam-air conveyance.

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Contitherm Siempelkamp
  • Siempelkamp Press
  • Preheater Siempelkamp
  • Contiroll Press


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