Perfectial Built a Cloud-Enabled Architecture for SaaS Delivery of Stored Data Complemented by an Intuitive End-User Dashboard. CHALLENGE C-Level executives such as CTOs, CFOs, and infrastructure executives face an important but tedious task - managing procurement. Traditionally, it involves approving purchase requests, evaluating RFQs or RFPs, and matching invoices. This is a task that can be very time consuming and cumbersome. SOLUTION Contraqer wanted to make the software an SaaS-based procurement platform for small and mid-sized businesses. Perfectial's team built Cloud-enabled architecture for SaaS delivery of stored data complemented by an intuitive end-user dashboard. As a result, decision makers and multiple users can view, query, and collaborate without the headache of the paper-pushing status quo. Perfectial reduced the startup time for Contraqer customers with pre-built integrations along with a host of accounting and shipping providers.

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