Control & Inking Unit for Rx lenses

RX Inspection & Inking


The Control Unit for Prescription Lenses is a machine dedicated to prescription labs producing at least 1000 jobs per day. This multi-functional automatic machine is the only one on the market to combine the lens inspection according to the ISO/ANSI standards of all lens types, the mapping of freeform lenses, the flexible digital inking and the laser engraving. The measurement data exported by the machine are very useful for an effective process control. The Control Unit for Rx lenses is the perfect tool to increase your customer satisfaction, by improving your quality and optimizing the delivery times.

Medical and surgical optics - instruments
  • Inspection
  • Lens
  • Mapping

Product features

Diameter 44 to 85 mm
Maximum power for positive axis +14.00D
Minimum power for negative axis -12.00D
Cylinder 0 to + 7.00D
Prism 10cm/m
Max. prism value at measurement point 12 cm/m
Total lens height < 20mm
Sag convex surface < 17mm
Sphere and cylinder 0.02D to 6.00D
0.03D to 14.00D 0.02cm/m + 1%
Thickness without contact 0.04 mm
120 jobs/hour Digital Inking (UV or solid ink)
Digital Inking (UV or solid ink) Inking alignment check
Inking alignment check Laser engraving (CO2)
Laser engraving (CO2) Dual Spectrometer (by transmission & reflection)
Dual Spectrometer (by transmission & reflection) Ionisation system
Ionisation system Laminar flow box
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