Control and Packaging Unit for Stock Lenses

Stock Lens Inspection & Packaging


The Control & Packaging Unit for Stock Lenses is best utilized by large volume single vision lens manufacturers. This machine will inspect and package 900 lenses per hour with such accuracy that there are no errors such as sending out of tolerance lenses out, or rejecting in tolerance lenses. In addition, the automatic cycle prevents any mispackaging of product. The zero defect packaging and the labor costs savings proven by installation of over 100 of these machines worldwide justify the investment in this machine.

Medical and surgical optics - instruments
  • Stock
  • packaging
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Product features

Diameter 55-77 or 60-82 mm
Sphere -10.00D to 10.00D
Cylinder 0.00D to 4.00 D
Optical power 0.02D
Prismatic power 0.02 cm/m
Measurement at 546 or 587 nm according to the standard (no index inluence) Thickness
Thickness 0.01 mm
900 lenses/hour Signature logo
Signature logo Mineral lenses
Mineral lenses excimer laser
Organic lenses CO2 laser
Pad printing point for logo localisation Barcode scanner
Barcode scanner Verification of envelope type
Verification of envelope type Verification of barcode readability
Verification of barcode readability Contactless thickness measurement (option)
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