The Control and Blocking Unit for Single Vision Prescription Lenses is for use in laboratories that edge and mount lenses into frames. This machine inspects the optical and dimensional characteristics of round single vision lenses, and then orients and blocks the lens at the boxing center. Contrary to manual blocking, this machine does not require any previous marking on the lens. Its simplicity, autonomy, and its throughput of 500 lenses per hour make this an invaluable addition to your process. 100% production control No operator (except for filling) High measurement accuracy (power,decentration, thickness, diameter and finishing block placement)* High capacity Production reports* Statistics of rejected lenses* Feedback on production Connection with the main-frame computer Remote maintenance Compatible with many different job-trays and blocks (* Required for ISO 9000 certification) Range : Single vision round lenses Diameter : 55 to 80 mm Minimum power for positive axis : +14.00D

Product features

Single vision round lenses Diameter
Diameter 55 to 80 mm
Minimum power for positive axis +14.00D
Minimum power for negative axis -12.00D
Cylinder 0 to +4.00 D
Prism 5cm/m
Max. prism value at measurement point 9 cm/m
Sphere and cylinder 0.02 dpt to 6.00 dpt 0.03 dpt to 14.00 dpt
Thickness 0.01 mm
Finish block & pad position 0.25 mm along X and Y, 1° in rotation
450 lenses / hour (without option) Our company
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