SLR rack range is dedicated to control an automatic paint installation. Each SAMES KREMLIN sprayer (rotary atomizer or pneumo-electrostatic gun) is driven by its dedicated module «S-BOX Bell or S-BOX Gun» that is integrated to SLR in the following way : in an «SLR cube» (to drive one single sprayer) in an «SLR tall cabinet» (to drive up to 2 bell sprayers or 4 pneumo electrostatic guns. Thanks to the SLR rack, installation and control of paint systems is made easier. Performance Integrated and flexible solution to serve many applications Flexible and upgradable Productivity Self sufficient, independent or linked with the rest of the workshop to accurately manage the production requirements. Sustainability Easy maintenance, peace of mind with a full Sames solution Simple axis calibration

Product features

Electrical Power 230 V - W
Maximum Air Pressure 7 (100) bar (psi)
Recommended Air Pressure 7 (100) bar (psi)
Robot Communication Recip. Control
Material Compatibility liquid materials

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